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Tonight let's get some: [Requested]Preference #7: He touches your boob on accident/on purpose


Niall: ” Umm.. that’s the red M&M” Niall told me blindfolded and guessing the food. ” How in the word do you know that Ni?” I asked him in awe. ” Just a talent I guess” he smiled. Just then I saw him reach out his hand and it landed right on my boob. I turned red like the M&M Niall just ate. He…

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Fallen for you eyes: hey, can i have an imagine where me and Zayn go get matching tattoos?...


hey, can i have an imagine where me and Zayn go get matching tattoos? my name is Allison by the way :) thanks!


you and Zayn were dating for almost 2 years. Zayn had said he wanted to celebrate this year’s different. he wanted to…


& it all makes sense to me ... ♥: Niall imagine for Caitlin :)


It was a late in the afternoon, the fall had just started and you wanted nothing more than to enjoy a nice day outside. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case because as soon as you and your boyfriend Niall get ready to leave the sky turns a dark shade of grey and small individual rain drops plummet…

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click me ;): Living With One Direction


Chapter 3

Izzy’s P.O.V
“Girls meet Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry.” I looked them over as he pointed to each of them…. There were hot! Especially that Zayn guy….. “Hi I’m Shane and this is Loreley, Izzy and…. I have no idea where Kristine is!” I heard my friend’s voice say. We all turned towards…

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Tonight let's get some: Liam Payne Imagine; (His POV)


I knew her since we were in kindergarten. She used to stand up for me untill I learned to stand up for myself. Know she is in the arms of one of my best friends. Yes, they are both happy. Both Zayn and her. But it just hurts knowing that I am never gonna make her smile like that, or make her feel…

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HarrysGravyandStuffing: Chapter Eight: Dear Diary


Chapter Eight:
Katlyn’s POV:
“Hey Katlyn” “Hey Daniela whats going on?” “Nothing, Hey Um, I was wondering if you wanted to go get a coffee and catch up on some things?” “Yeah I’d love to.” Daniela and I haven’t talked in like 2 months. And I really miss her. I’ve been hanging with…

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Imagine Harry Styles #12


You two wake up together and decided to get breakfast. You give Harry a bowl of cereal. Harry looks to the bowl of cereal and then at you. 

You: ”What?” 

Harry: ”What?”

You: ”Something wrong? It’s cereal nothing wrong with that right?”

Harry: ”No nothing wrong with that.”

You: well eat it then, it’s not that i have put poison in it.”

Harry: ”I just realized that i love you.”

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OneDirectionImagines: Music Tuesday-They don't know about us


Louis: One more tear slip down your face when you heard front door opening, then closing again. Louis came home. You quickly wiped your tears away, trying to hide how hurt you are. You woke up this morning, Louuis’ side of the bed cold, meaning he’s been gone for a long time. He had to go to…

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